Introducing Strengths to the Team Workshop (4hrs)

$2,400 (plus GST)


During this session we will give the group an overview of Talents, Strengths and the science behind Gallupโ€™s Strengths finder tool. We will discuss the three most common Strengths of the people in the room and look at what these Strengths look like as balcony and basement behaviours.

Each individual will then be handed their Top 5 Report and be asked to read through and highlight what resonates for them. As we have more time in this workshop, each person will be given the opportunity to share their Top 5 Strengths and there will be a group (or small group) discussion to help the team members get a better understanding of the individual talent themes, all while getting a better understanding of each other.

Each person will then be handed their Paired Strengths. We will introduce to the concept of how their unique strengths interact with each other and how to apply that at work.

After a short break, each individual will be handed their All 34-Report where they will be introduced to their Dominant Strengths (their top 12 to 15 strengths), their Lesser Strengths and their Supporting Strengths. Each person will do an activity whereby they reflect on how they can use a combination of their Dominant Strengths to achieve an outcome of a Lesser Strength.

Finally, we review the Strengths of the team collectively. We review the teamโ€™s Strengths Matrix (looking at dominant strengths and lesser strengths) and we close with an activity where everyone gets the chance to discuss how they can better leverage these strengths and work more effectively with each other.

* price excluding cost of All 34 Reportsย  ($130 per head) and travel time/costs outside Sydney Metro