Strengths Coaching Starter Pack (2 x 60-minute Sessions)

$1,000 (plus GST)

In these Strengths Coaching Sessions, Certified Strengths Coach and Managing Consultant Jess Weiss will teach you how to identify your natural talents, how to turn them into Strengths and how to leverage them for the best possible outcomes both in your professional and personal life.

You will work through your Top 5 Strengths and then expand to your All 34 where you will identify your Dominant Talents (top 10-14 Strengths) and explore how you can use each of these productively as well as discuss how you might be overusing them in unproductive ways. You will then move to the bottom of the report where you will discover your Lesser Talents and identify how you can achieve the outcomes of those talents but by using a Strengths Based Approach.

Together, you and Jess will identify some tangible action items for how you can go away and learn to leverage your Strengths more effectively. Jess will also share how you can learn to identify your strengths on a daily basis to ensure you are always using them productively.

These coaching sessions are suitable for everyone from frontline team members, all the way up to executives and board members.

Conventional wisdom teaches us that if we want to improve, we must work on our weaknesses. Think back to your school days when your parents found you a tutor if you were struggling at English or Math. We are so focused on fixing our weaknesses that we don’t often think about increasing our strengths.

Research shows that people who use their Strengths are:

– 6 times as likely to be engaged in their jobs
– 3 times as likely to report having an excellent quality of life
– Have a 7.8% greater productivity

If you are the owner of a business, a manager or just work in a team, and those stats aren’t enough to convince you to focus on Strengths, then the below stats definitely will:

Teams that use their Clifton Strengths are:

– 10-19% as likely to be engaged in their jobs
– 14-29% increase in profit
– 14-29% increase in engaged employees
– 26-72% lower turnover