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At Human Tribe, we believe that what gets measured gets done. Our measurement tools allow you to benchmark your business against other Australian business, ascertain why your people stay before it’s too late and review the quality of your service delivery.


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As part of Australasia’s largest HR Coaching network, Human Tribe helps businesses link business strategy with people. If you employ people, like it or not, you are in the People Business! And so are we! Successful businesses don’t just happen because of luck.

You know how hard you have had to work for it. At the same time, your business has to work for you. The good news is that the HR Coach Network has researched and worked with enough businesses to know what needs to be prioritised to reach success.

The STAR Workplace Program:

  • Benchmarks your business against other  Australian businesses
  • Identifies risks, management issues and opportunities hidden in your business
  • Converts into an easy to follow 12-month HR plan

What’s the process?


Step 1 
First we get your feedback as the Employer. We look at what you want from the business and the impact it’s having on you.


Step 2 
We get feedback from your people about the business – no blame games, just the facts so you can see the impact the business has on your people


Step 3 
We present your Benchmarked STAR Workplace Program Report to your Management team and organise the consultation process with your people


Step 4 
Once the consultation process is complete, we facilitate a workshop with your Management team to create your practical 12 month HR Plan.

Employee surveys are just not good enough. You need to know the whole story and benchmark your results. If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

At Human Tribe, we’ve completed a STAR Workplace Program for businesses employing 15 people right up to businesses employing 3,000 people, big or small, we can help measure for success. To find out more about a STAR Workplace Program for your business, contact us for more information

10% of all STAR Workplace revenue goes directly to the STARLIGHT Children’s Foundation.

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In recent times, the unstable external environment has heavily impacted businesses internally. Developing existing internal employees, and in particular leveraging key employees, is an inexpensive and effective strategy for finding growth. Employees are not just a cost centre but also a “wealth of knowledge” that businesses are able to tap into.

So how do you really know if your people have Happy Feet or Itchy Feet? As part of Australasia’s largest HR Coaching network, Human Tribe has access to a practical and quantifiable Retention Tool, called Career Monitor.

Career Monitor will give the organisation a risk rating, it will give your employee a career report and it will identify risks of leaving 3, 6 and 12 months out. Career Monitor also gives the organisation feedback on why your people join you verses why they stay.

So often we ask people why they want to work for us before they start and then we ask them why they’re leaving when they resign. If you value the people that work for you, let them find out why they stay and what will keep them engaged. To book your team in for a Career Monitor interview, contact us

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Our Ruby Recon Mystery Shopping service helps businesses measure the quality of their service delivery. If customer service is important to your business, then Ruby Recon can help measure it.

When Ruby Recon shops your business, we take an objective approach that is fully aligned to your customer service standards. At Ruby Recon we don’t believe in subjective judgment, it’s simply about measuring the successful or unsuccessful execution of your customer service standards.

Like all feedback, we appreciate the Ruby Recon Mystery Shopping reports need to be timely. We’ve developed a Ruby Recon platform that allows us to have the reports to you within 2-working days of us conducting the mystery shop.

Everyone who works on the Ruby Recon team has a minimum of 3-years management experience in customer service and all of the team pride themselves on being discrete.

We love catching your people out doing the right thing; nothing gives us greater pleasure than submitting a Ruby Recon report that highlights success. We know this means the feedback system is doing what it’s meant to do!

Where there are gaps in your customer service standards and the execution of those standards, our Ruby Recon mystery shopping reports provide you with an objective coaching tool to help you manage your team’s performance.

To find out more about Ruby Recon Mystery Shopping for your business, contact us.

Happy people = better business.

We can help your business improve results by effectively focusing on developing your people.

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