Harris Farm Markets

"Human Tribe identified that there was a solution to the problem but that we did have to invest properly in it. They addressed the problem on a couple of levels. We mapped out a program that included coaching training but also included a review of our customer standards, a review of how well the people in store were doing their jobs, how well they were able give feedback and also a review of all of our systems related to performance management."
Shona Tarrant, Director of Performance, People and Culture Harris Farm Markets


All too often we meet with Employers that are focused on compliance when it comes to Human Resource Management, and when compliance is the main focus, these Employers are often left scratching their heads wondering why they can’t get the results they need out of their people.


Rather than focusing on compliance, we build the competency of your Managers and provide them with management systems that support optimum Human Performance. We focus on the core management skills like how to recruit the best, how to initiate a new team member, how to coach, how to get your team to self-subscribe to high performance, how to reward and recognise and how to retain your best people.

What you get

  • Human performance systems for your business
  • Management workshops
  • Management coaching support

What to Expect

  • Ability to recruit the best team members, initiate them effectively and retain them in your business
  • A team of people who self-subscribe to high performance
  • Managers with the skills to coach and hold their team accountable

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