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I believe the best businesses look for the win / win and that profit doesn’t need to come at the cost of your people. I’ve experienced first hand that when businesses create a happy, productive and engaging environment, it allows people to bring their best self to work each day.

These happy, healthy people then drive your business outcomes, which in-turn deliver healthy returns for your business. I know that what get’s measured gets done and that for there to be a win / win outcome there needs to be alignment between strategy and people, neither of which can be ignored in this win / win equation. But if we just focus purely on measurement and alignment, we’re ignoring the beating heart of business, our people. It all begins with treating people as human beings, not resources. If we focus on helping people reach their highest potential and purpose the natural result is a business that reaches its highest potential and purpose. Win / win.

Nicole Wales
Founder and Managing Director Human Tribe

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