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"The true benefits of a team that knows their own strengths
and those of their team mates is beyond measure."
Michelle Gregory, Founder


We see many Employers make the mistake of purely investing in the technical skills development of their people, only to be disappointed by the lack of return on investment when it comes to individual performance.


While we believe technical skills are important, we work with you to increase your people’s self-awareness and coach them how to harness their natural strengths. As an Accredited partner in Gallup’s Strengths Finder, Everything DiSC and Hogan Psychometric tools, all of our workshops and coaching sessions get straight to the heart of increasing individual effectiveness, so as to improve individual performance.

What you get

  • Valid and reliable assessment tools
  • Qualified coaching support
  • Individual action plans

What to Expect

  • Enhanced self awareness
  • Increased individual effectiveness
  • Increased individual performance

Work with Us

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Book a strategy session
with Managing Consultant
Jess Weiss

At Human Tribe, we have been working with teams and building leaders for over 6 years. During this time, we have developed and defined a model that can help any willing employer build a tribe that will drive the performance of their business.

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Build Your Tribe
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Get your team on board and aligned to the idea of building a tribe with our interactive and informative intro workshop that will set the foundation for your team moving forward.

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