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"I wanted to work with an organisation that was not just going to roll out a pencil and tell you to buy the pencil, but rather one that would listen to the problem, assess it, identify a solution and truly partner with us to deliver it."
Shona Tarrant, Director of Performance, People and Culture Harris Farm Markets


While teamwork sounds simple in theory, we come across many dysfunctional teams within all sorts of businesses. Led by frustrated Managers, these teams often show symptoms of things like an absence of trust, a fear of conflict, a lack of commitment, an avoidance of accountability and inattention to results.


As an Accredited partner with Wiley, we use Patrick Lencioni’s framework from ‘The five Dysfunctions of a Team’ to take intact groups through a workshop like no other. This workshop is about transforming behaviours, and while the process can be confronting and challenging, the outcome is a team that agrees to engage in their own set of standards that is all about cohesion and collective results.

What you get

  • Benchmarked team performance reports
  • Facilitated program
  • Follow-up coaching and support

What to Expect

  • Increase in team-based trust
  • Increase in team cohesion
  • Increase in team performance

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At Human Tribe, we have been working with teams and building leaders for over 6 years. During this time, we have developed and defined a model that can help any willing employer build a tribe that will drive the performance of their business.

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Get your team on board and aligned to the idea of building a tribe with our interactive and informative intro workshop that will set the foundation for your team moving forward.

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