Customised Team Strengths Workshop (1-day)

$5,000 (plus GST)

“From a team and individual performance point of view, knowing your own strengths and weaknesses and those of your colleagues is extremely worthwhile. Jess and the team at Human Tribe are very good at teasing these characteristics out in a very authentic manner. I would thoroughly recommend the training for team building and improving team performance.” – David, Head of Corporate Affairs, ING

This workshop is for you if you want to…

– Improve the self awareness of everyone on your team
– Help individuals leverage their natural strengths
– Build individual understanding of what doesn’t come naturally and how to use a strengths based approach to overcome these gaps. Ie – how to use what you’re good at to mitigate what you’re not good at
– Improve your team’s awareness of each other and improve their capability to understand and leverage each others strengths
– Understand where the team is naturally strong and how to maximise those strengths
– Understand where the team isn’t naturally strong and how to mitigate and bring awareness to those areas to reduce blindspots and missed opportunities
– Change the way your team work to be more cohesive and get the best out of each other

If that’s not enough…

Here’s what Gallup found that Strengths Based Interventions did for workgroups in a study of almost 50,000 business units and over 1 million employees:

– 10-19% increase in sales
– 14-29% increase in profit
– 3-7% higher customer engagement
– 26-72% lower turnover (in high turnover organisations)
– 9-15% increase in engaged employees

So, what are you waiting for?

*Price excludes GST, the cost of Gallup Strengths Reports, room hire and travel time/costs outside Sydney Metro